Potential recipients of one of the WRNC Cage Building Grants will be required to complete this contract in detail:


Before your grant check in the amount of $300.00 will be issued, the following requirements must be met:


Please submit a detailed diagram and materials cost estimate/list for the cage you plan to build.  Be as specific as possible; include all measurements, descriptions of the materials to be used, and indicate how this cage meets the "Minimum Standards Guidelines." 


Indicate if this cage is to be used for mammals or birds, and for what activity level.


Based on your past experiences and past records, indicate how many animals you think will use this cage yearly.


Indicate how many other rehabilitators will be allowed to use this cage.


Please sign below and return to the Cage Grant Committee with all required information.  Upon review and acceptance, a check will be issued to you.


By signing this form, I agree that the monies I will receive from WRNC  will be used exclusively for the purposes of building a new pre-release cage (or expanding/repairing an existing cage.)  I promise to submit copies of dated receipts within 90 days after receiving monies, for materials purchased in an amount not less than 90% ($250.00) of total grant money awarded ($300.00).  Upon completion of project I will submit a color picture of the cage to the committee, and I agree that it may be used in a future WRNC newsletter for publicity purposes and a follow-up story.  I will allow the cage to be inspected by a WRNC Board Member or designee.  If I am unable to complete the project within 90 days of receipt of grant monies, I must submit a written request for a deadline extension, along with the projected completion date, and receive approval from the cage building committee.  If I am unable to complete the cage by the deadline extension date or an approval for extension is denied by the committee, I promise to return the entire amount of the grant money ($300.00) to WRNC. 


By signing this form, I also attest that my financial status has not changed since my application was made for this grant, and that I still require the grant.  If my financial status changes in a way that alters my prior need for the grant, between the time of notice of award and receipt of award, I agree that I will return the full amount of the grant to WRNC, so that it may be awarded to another recipient.


By signing this form, I also agree that if at some point in the future I become non-active in wildlife rehabilitation, I will in good faith make attempts to transfer/donate the cage built with these funds to an active permitted wildlife rehabilitator or center.


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Return to:  Toni O'Neil, 119 Doe Drive, Hubert, NC  28539